personal trainer in huddersfield and halifax
personal trainer in huddersfield and halifax


"I contacted Chris Ball Fitness after looking in the mirror and thinking I really needed to do something about my fitness levels. I had some extra weight that I had gained due to a back injury which took almost a year to correct. Also admittedly, a little bit of bone idleness. After much deliberation with myself as to whether I really needed a personal trainer I decided to take the plunge and contact Chris. After a very professional, informative yet relaxed consultation with Chris it was apparent that a personal trainer was exactly what I needed. In the time I spent with Chris not only did he succeed in installing determination and motivation in me. He also made the whole experience enjoyable and most importantly it became a learning curve, displacing all the 'wrong' ideas I had about training and educating me in the 'right' ways. Chris Ball is an extremely knowledgeable, approachable and professional individual who strives to push you to your limit without making you uncomfortable. My fitness and the results I was looking for were as important to Chris as they were to me. The service I received was second to none, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I am now so much fitter, stronger and healther than I have ever been and that is all thanks to Chris and his methods"

Martin, Huddersfield

"I suffered with dreadful migraines and on visiting the doctors found out I had raised blood pressure and was on the verge of being morbidly obese, so I decided to it was time to do something about it. I found out about Chris Ball who was offering personal training at the local gym. I had an interview about my health and goals and started training, initially once a week moving to twice within a short space of time. I started to notice results immediately and now 3 stone lighter and inches smaller I am feeling a new woman and get comments nearly every day. Chris has motivated me, my son and daughter to train hard but has made the gym sessions fun. My health is now 100% better and my blood pressure normal. It is about 6 months since I have had a migraine. As a bonus the work Chris has done on my problematic shoulders (I have had 3 operations) has meant no more pain or problems with them as they are so much stronger."

Karen, Huddersfield

"Chris strikes a great balance between allowing you to train at your own pace and pushing you to continually improve. I am already noticeably fitter and healthier after just a few weeks training with him."

Simon, Brighouse


“I met Chris at one of his classes. I had not exercised in over twenty years. That day will stay with me forever. That day changed my life. Before long I was attending all of Chris’s classes. Within a short space of time my knowledge about food and diet had led me to change what, when and why I ate. Eventually after a month I built up the confidence to have him as a personal trainer. Chris makes everything exercise related fun. I have tried everything in the past from Weight Watchers to Fit Clubs but I have never been a size 10. I am pleased to say I am now a size 10. People now comment daily about how better I look for it, but to beat it all I feel great. My confidence has gone through the roof and I now shop in shops I wouldn’t have ever gone in. Chris is kind and patient, he pushes you but only to limits he knows you can reach”

Debbie, Brighouse

“I used to go to gyms for a couple of weeks and lose interest through boredom, always the ‘same old’ repetitive activities. I started training with Chris and since then my outlook towards the gym has completely changed. I find myself enjoying every minute of it and I get irritated when I can’t go. Chris makes the classes fun but also rewarding. I now have a high level of fitness, I feel healthy, but most of all I have made friends along the way”

Paula, Huddersfield

"I wasn’t happy with my weight and health so contacted Chris and set up an interview which enabled me to explain my need to get fit and lose weight within a 3 month time frame for my daughters graduation. Training started with a strict twice a week programme coupled by healthy eating. It was tough and at times I nearly gave up, but with constant motivation from Chris, I was able to achieve my goals within the time set. I continued to train with Chris and still attend his abs blast and keep fit classes. I would recommend Chris anytime"

Mina, Huddersfield





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