personal trainer in huddersfield and halifax
personal trainer in huddersfield and halifax


What is Chris Ball Fitness?

Here at Chris Ball Fitness we believe that personal training is a specialist vocation that demands a high level of knowledge and training, only achievable in higher education. We believe that the science of fitness is complex and requires a minimum of three years full time study, not a six week crash course. Chris Ball Fitness takes you to the next level of personal training, delivering a unique one to one experience covering your entire health both physiologically and psychologically. From complete beginner to seasonal exerciser, Chris Ball Fitness is very specific to your circumstances.

When can i expect to see results?

You will start feeling results immediately. Exercise reduces stress and increases endorphins (a feeling of well-being). Not only do you feel great but you can expect to start looking great within the first month (or your money back).

I have a bad back, can i still exercise?

Of course, many people come to us with injuries. Exercise can actually help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with injuries. Joint pains, arthritis, migranes, high blood pressure and hernias are just some of the other conditions we deal with regularly.

My whole family needs to exercise, do you offer any discounts?

Exercising is actually a great way for families to bond. The minimum age to participate in a Chris Ball Fitness programme is 14. The more family members that want Personal Training the better the price. Take a look.

What if I dont always have time to exercise?

Sessions begin as early as 6.00am and finish as late as 10.00pm. Chris Ball Fitness accommodates for the 'hectic' lifestyles many of us face. For those occasions when you really struggle to make the gym, or your simply on holiday we offer the very latest in online personal training. Simply log in and off you go.

I always lose interest in the gym. How can Chris Ball Fitness help?

Here at Chris Ball Fitness we treat all clients as individuals. We are constantly motivating and changing fitness programmes to keep the client at the very leading edge of fitness whilst the clients needs change. Research published regularly shapes the way we deliver sessions whilst keeping them fun and enjoyable. At Chris Ball Fitness you will never feel stuck in a rut.

I really want Personal Training but i dont think i can afford?

Each training programme is designed to suit the individual, so too is your fitness package. We can tailor make the package to suit any budget. Moreover we usually help clients save money when it comes to cutting costs on the 'un-healthier' aspects of living. If you want to build up to one to one training there is of course our inner circle. Diet, exercise programmes and all the information you need to know to burn off the pounds and begin your journey.

Why is Chris Ball Fitness different to any other company?

Chris Ball Fitness is a personal, friendly experience. We do not focus solely on diet and exercise. We look further into a persons motivation and help people to help themselves. The best answer to this question is in the eyes of others. So take a look at what others have said about Chris Ball Fitness.

Will Chris Ball Fitness help me with my diet?

Of course, our diets are as important if not more important then just exercise alone. Your experience will include various exercise routines combined with the diet to satisfy your goals. Your fitness does not start and stop before and after an appointment. It is a continuous process and Chris Ball Fitness will be there every step of the way.

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