personal trainer in huddersfield and halifax
personal trainer in huddersfield and halifax

Chris Ball B.Sc (hons)


Chris Ball is a personal trainer, author and founder of The Fitness Suite. Chris has over ten years experience as a personal trainer and fitness expert; working with people of all ages and abilities. Chris has worked with numerous media groups to report on the very latest research in exercise and the human body.

Chris graduated with honours from Leeds Carnegie University after studying Sports Performance Coaching for three years; His forte being human motivation and pedagogy. Chris has worked as a personal trainer in Huddersfield, Halifax and Brighouse for over ten years. Chris has helped hundreds of people achieve a variety of goals including fat loss, toning, muscle building and medical injury rehabilitation. He has an array of experience as a personal trainer with all ages and abilities; from helping people with disabilities to educating young people in fitness and sports. He is constantly working with media groups to report on the very latest fitness research and trends.

Chris Says:

"Fitness should be fun and part of your daily routine. It is gyms' that make fitness boring, not fitness itself. The secret to getting good results is knowledge. I believe a good personal trainer educates their clients whilst making every session fun. It is the WHY we do something as well as the WHAT we are doing that gets results. In seven years I have never had anyone not achieve their dreams but more importantly they maintain what they have achieved because of the knowledge"

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